Vertical Lift System


CCA’s Commercial Sales Division is the only commercial flooring contractor in the region with a patented furniture lift system to move retail gondolas, library stacks and other large displays found in most commercial, retail, public spaces and libraries. The use of this specialized equipment minimizes disruptions to your business and speeds up flooring jobs by days, if not weeks. There’s no need to dismantle or empty displays to move them, and there’s no damage to store merchandise or library stacks. Our system picks up the entire display and moves it out of the way while the new floor is installed. When the job is completed, it puts the display back in place – all in one smooth motion.

For streamlining flooring installations in occupied office spaces, CCA uses the Levitate lift system. Occupants don’t even need to clear off their desks. Phones, computers and all the associated wiring remains intact while modular office furniture is lifted out of the way for flooring installation, allowing busy offices to be renovated overnight.


We work with the most trusted and respected mills and manufacturers in the flooring industry.

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