Choosing the right product is not only the first step in any flooring project, but one of the most important. Aesthetics, performance, installation, maintenance – all vary from product to product and the right choice for any particular application depends on multiple factors.

The flooring sales consultants at CCA’s Commercial Sales Division have decades of experience in the industry and vast knowledge on a variety of flooring materials. We receive regular training in the latest materials, technologies and trends. This combination of past experience and cutting edge knowledge allow us to assess any facility and recommend the best possible product choices based on the facility requirements, performance expectations and projected traffic levels.

Finding the perfect floor covering product — one that looks great, fits the budget, and is designed to perform under the specific conditions of their facility — is the key to a satisfied customer, and the top priority of every CCA consultant.


We work with the most trusted and respected mills and manufacturers in the flooring industry.

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