Access Flooring


CCA’s Commercial Sales Division is experienced in the sale and installation of FREEaxez USA™, a patented all steel, quick-connect low profile access floor known for strength, adaptability and cost-effectiveness. FREEaxez USA™ is designed for the general office environment, not just for data centers or computer rooms and is ideal for the distribution of power, voice, and data cables for new construction as well as retrofit.

Over 12 million square feet have been installed worldwide in offices, computing facilities, training / conference rooms, universities, equipment rooms, trading floors, manufacturing centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical research centers, banking centers, casinos, museums, emergency operations / 911 call centers, libraries, and military field command and control.

FREEaxez USA™ is much quicker and easier to install than conventional raised access floor, since no height adjustment is required. The modular base unit system connects quickly without glues, screws or fasteners. Accessory components allow the floor to fit any space, including curved walls and entranceways. FREEaxez USA™ is the optimum solution to changing an office configuration over a weekend.

FREEaxez USA™ provides re-use capability, allowing older buildings to meet modern technology and connectivity requirements. Fabricated from recycled steel, it is 100% recyclable and reusable. FREEaxez USA™ is also GreenSpec listed and contributes to LEED credits.


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